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StarCrawlers to let us dungeon crawl in space

StarCrawlers logo
StarCrawlers logo

It’s a good time to be a retro-RPG fan. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s information on Grimrock 2, today Juggernaut Games have announced details of sci-fi dungeon crawl StarCrawlers.

You are put in control of a group of rather disreputable characters, more after loot than adventure – although seeming to find both. The “dungeons” you wander into are spacecraft wrecks, procedurally generated more akin to a roguelike with traps, enemies, loot and events all randomised.
StarCrawlers screen
As well as stepping away from classic fantasy trappings, the space-set environment is built on with features such as armour not only providing physical protection but oxygen supplies for the not-so-noble explorers.

Team members have skills-sets that are listed as including “hacking, smuggling or advanced ass-kicking”, although there is no clarification on what this may mean more specifically yet. However, a gameplay video recently released (and linked above) shows a group of four wandering through what appears to be a grid based environment and fighting in turn based combat with enemies – which would put it more akin to the classic Wizardry or Might & Magic series.
StarCrawlers screen
The game’s release is slightly ambiguous; while the game’s site gives a date later this year, the press release officially declares it TBD, and adding “Look out for our Kickstarter campaign coming soon!”.

Nevertheless, this does look like a promising addition to an old genre being revived by new teams. More details to come, if and when they are released.

StarCrawlers is due for release on PC, Mac and Linux, although there is no official release date yet.


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