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Legend of Grimrock 2 screens and features revealed

Legend of Grimrock 2 logo
Legend of Grimrock 2 logo

Almost Human Ltd, developers of dungeon-crawler Legend of Grimrock, have today released a double-whammy of Grimrock related news.

Firstly, some new screen shots of Legend of Grimrock 2 have been revealed, showing the new outdoor environments the next batch of prisoners will have to find themselves exploring.

(Just as the first Grimrock game plays as a homage to classic dungeon crawlers like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder, having the sequel step outside is the next natural step, where both the earlier games went up for some fresh air too)
Legend of Grimrock 2 screen
Various features and interface adjustments have been confirmed too – as well as a new race and new class to play, the previous skills system has been replaced with a simplified perk system – with both class and race skill trees to customise your party members.

Items tend to have two uses – some mundane, some magical, some dependent on the type of wielder; and while this is promised as being a way to reduce trips into the inventory for alternative pieces of equipment, this doesn’t even compare to the refined alchemy system for mixing potions, which will open a mini-window of ingredients when needed, similar to the magic system… which itself has been refined to require runes to need fewer mouse clicks.
Legend of Grimrock 2 Potion and Magic interface
Of course, with too many changes comes the risk of changing the overall feel of the game – will Grimrock 2 feel enough like Grimrock 1 to properly be a sequel? The need to solve puzzles, while fighting monsters (with improved AI this time around – a criticism of the original acknowledged by the devs), all in a confined environment should hopefully keep that side of things intact, although we’ll know for certain later this year when the game is due to be released.
Legend of Grimrock 2 screen
The other piece of Grimrock news was the announcement that Legend of Grimrock: The Series, a proposed webseries by Fallout: Nuka Break creators Wayside Creations has today reached its Kickstarter goal.

The series is intended to be released as several stand-alone episodes, which will also combine into a complete film. There is still the rest of this week for the project to continue raising any extra revenue, although it is uncertain whether this will be enough to reach any stretch goals – the first bar is set at $125k, with no actual perk promised for what this may provide.

And let’s face it – as legendary as Dungeon Master was, it never had a live-action series funded for it.

Legend of Grimrock 2 is due for release on PC and Mac later this year; the potential release date for the series is more vague.


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