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Resident Evil 4 making it to PC (finally)

Resident Evil 4 logo
Resident Evil 4 logo

It’s only taken nine years, but Resident Evil 4 – debatably the best in the series, but definitely one of the highest rated – is to make it to the PC next month, with Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition announced for Steam.

Coming as something fresh after the first three games (plus Code Veronica) all followed much the same formula, RE4 took the more puzzle based survival of the earlier games and replaced it with an action based approach. Shuffling zombies were out; faster, more human (and more-than-human) opponents were in, and faced down with a then-innovative with over-the-shoulder view.

The plot is seemingly simple: Raccoon City survivor Leon is faced with the task of rescuing the President’s daughter from a remote Spanish village, a place where the reception for visitors is not exactly something you’d look for on a holiday brochure (being more of the “mob-and-chainsaw attack” variety). But that isn’t the worst you’ll have to face…

The trailer (linked above) is almost a tribute to itself – a collection of scenes that should either bring back memories for players of the original release, or whet the appetite for those whose palates may have been dulled by the less well received RE5 and RE6.

Resident Evil 4 – Ultimate HD Edition will be released on Steam on February 28th, costing £14.99/$19.99; pre-ordering before then will also get a 60 track OST and an 80 page electronic book of series art and background information.
Resident Evil 4 screen


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