Posted January 14, 2014 by Peter in Announcements

Insurgency release date announced

Insurgency logo
Insurgency logo

We got to take a look at Insurgency a few months ago, when it was still on Early Access via Steam. While already looking strong it was not yet entirely looking polished. However, after nine months of this beta stage New World Interactive feel the work has been done, and have announced the game will be officially released on January 22nd.

It is a game which cuts back a lot of the frills expected of modern shooters. In their own words this “distils the genre down to its essence”, which in practice means low ammo, minimal HUD, no regenerating health, and the whole experience being far more dependent on teamwork and skill – in that order.

A trailer for the launch has been released, itself cutting back on the bombastic nature of modern shooters for something more restrained (and linked above). In a press release, designer Andrew Spearin is quoted describing the game as “a gritty representation of contemporary conflict, where every life and bullet counts. To win, the difference factor typically comes down to the team with the most communication and superior tactics, not just who has the twitchiest mouse.”

While being aimed at the more hardcore end of the shooter market, a training mode for beginners is present (and likely very much needed), hopefully easing players in before dropping them into a role in the 16vs16 multiplayer.

Insurgency will be available via Steam on January 22nd for PC and Mac


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