Posted December 17, 2013 by Amy in Family Fiends

Party Animal (Family Fiends) Review


Your dance parties are about to get…fuzzy.

There truly is no better gift than the gift of laughter, and this is a product that gets that right off the bat. These adorable mp3 speakers from DaVinci Now bring the fun with cute moves and cuddly bodies that are irresistible to kids and animal lovers alike. They come in a wide range of animals (ensuring you’ll be able to choose the fuzzy friend that is just right for your animal crazy friends or loved ones).

Whether you choose a cuddly kitty or a furry puppy, a lop eared rabbit or a cute little squirrel, your kids will fall in love with their fuzzy little faces before you even open the box. The animals are roughly a foot tall, have a fairly realistic look to them, and are covered in a soft fur that looks perfect for snuggling. They aren’t actually all that cuddly though, as the pieces inside that allow them to dance make them feel a bit more like a hard bodied doll than the stuffed animals they resemble. But that’s okay, ‘cause they dance, and it is just plain adorable. After plugging “Sandy” into our ipod, my daughter selected “Call Me Maybe” and proceeded to laugh out loud for the entire length of the song as the puppy danced and gyrated like a boss.

So how does it work? It’s actually really quite simple to use (a plus if you’re intending to gift one to kids). The batteries and on/off switch are hidden behind velcro in the back, as is the standard for battery operated plush toys. A cord is included, which attaches on one end to your music source – computer, ipod or mp3 player, CD player, etc. If it has a standard headphone jack, you can hook it to the Party Animals. The other end of the cord attaches at the back of the animal’s foot. The jack is cleverly hidden underneath his fur so it doesn’t detract from the look of the speaker, and next to it is a hookup for a power adapter (not included, but a nice touch for people who hate the battery treadmill).


Once your Party Animal is hooked up, all you need to do is select a song for him to get down to. Country, rock, metal, pop, jazz – whatever type of music you choose, the animal will dance along in time to it. He rocks from side to side at various tempos, and even bops up and down. It is really quite amusing as the chubby little fur body rocks out to your favorite songs. There is a bit of whirring noise from the body movements that is more pronounced when on hard surfaces or when the animal is moving very quickly, but it isn’t all that noticeable unless you are playing very quiet music.

In addition to being a dancing fool, the Party Animal also acts as an external speaker. You control volume via your device, and the speaker projects pretty well at higher volumes – easily heard even a few rooms over at top volume. The sound quality is obviously not top notch, but it pretty decent, and performs well on all genres of music (although it is a little weird/hilarious to blare something like Marilyn Manson from a cute little dancing doggie). As a default, your Party Animal will both dance and play music, but you can turn off the dancing feature if you want to just use the speaker. The switch is a button on his paw (it can be a little hard to switch off if you try to do it while he’s dancing).

The Party Animal Dancing Pet Speaker is one of those things that are completely unnecessary but oh, so much fun. There is a nice variety of animals available to please all of your animal loving friends, and each of them is a cute little bundle of dance fever that is sure to get them giggling. The speakers do an acceptable job of projecting your music loud enough to fill a room, and watching the animals dance in time with your favorite tunes is just plain adorable.



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