Posted December 15, 2013 by Amy in Hardware

NTW’s net-Lock Patch Cords Review


For the gamer who has everything:  NTW’s net-Lock Patch Cords.

We’ve all got one on our list – that one person who pretty much has everything they need, and who if they want something, they just go out and buy it. But just because they are impossible to shop for doesn’t mean we should just forget about them when the holidays roll around. It just means we have to put a little more effort into finding something they never knew they needed.

For the gamers of this variety, NTW (Networking the World) presents net-Lock Patch Cords. Yes, I know – they’re cords. How do you seriously give someone cords for Christmas? Think of it this way, though – you aren’t really giving them cords, you’re giving them peace of mind. See, these simple yet genius cords are designed to do one thing, and do it well – they lock into place to ensure that accidental disconnections are a thing of the past.

The cords themselves look pretty similar to your standard cables, at first glance. The difference comes down to the locking clips that come along with them.  The orange clips, when inserted onto the end of the cord, create an extra layer of protection between you and disconnection. When engaged, they simply prevent the tab on the cord from being depressed. To unlock the cord, you simply press the edges of the orange insert together and pull back. It’s easy and intuitive to use, and it performs as advertised to keep the cord from being accidentally disconnected.


If you are more concerned about security than truly accidental disconnections, NTW has that covered too. The net-Lock Patch Cords also come along with red clips that can be used in place of the orange ones. They work in much the same way as the orange ones, inserting into the end of the cord to prevent the tab from being pressed. The difference is that the red “keys” are not so easily removed.  Once locked in, the red keys can only be removed using a special “extraction tool” (although the red keys come along with the cord, the extraction tool requires a separate purchase). This is a simple plastic tool that actually locks on to the end of the red key to pull it out. It’s not difficult to use (although removing the key from the tool takes a little finesse), but the key will not remove without the tool, giving that extra layer of protection for security conscious folks.


The cords come in a variety of lengths, ranging from one foot to twenty-five feet, making it easy to get just the right length for a particular setup (and if you’re particularly picky about it, you can even order a custom length to your specification). As NTW puts it, “The cable is designed with shielded locking boots/strain reliefs that can receive a “locking insert” to prevent inadvertent disconnects for sensitive systems and demanding users (hardcore gamers).” That gives even the most active gamers the confidence that they won’t lose all their hard earned progress mid-match, simply because they gyrated just a little too wildly after that last hit.

While they aren’t necessarily the most glamorous of gifts, net-Lock Patch Cords fill a need for hardcore gamers prone to accidental disconnects. With a simple yet effective design, these cables come through on their promises in an unobtrusive way. They are the perfect gift for the hardcore pc gamer on your list – they’re inexpensive (starting at around ten dollars), they’re unique, and they’re something that will be used everyday.


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