Posted December 15, 2013 by Amy in Features

Joby GripTight Mount Review


Ah, the holidays. It’s a time for giving, for loving, for coming together and sharing joy. It’s also a time for taking pictures – loads of pictures. With its small size, higher resolution, and just plain convenience of always having it on you, the smartphone camera is becoming the photo instrument of choice for many. But just because its conveniently there doesn’t mean it’s always convenient to use (just check out your social media accounts for countless awkward selfies and oddly framed besties shots).

As quality continues to improve on today’s smartphones, many are finding that the high end digital cameras that were purchased just a few years ago actually have lower resolution than the camera on their cell phone. But just because the camera is becoming obsolete doesn’t mean you can’t still get a lot of use out of that tripod. The GripTight Mount is a handy little adaptor that allows you to hook your smartphone onto your existing tripod for smoothly framed photos and lurch free video. It’s a neat idea that provides a low cost solution to a common problem.


So how does it work? Simply and efficiently. The tiny little mount is actually an extender that screws onto your tripod. It consists of a straight center piece, roughly three inches long, with an arced side piece at each end that pivot out to create the cradle that your phone will rest in. Both ends are notched to prevent the phone from sliding, and it’s made of a surprisingly sturdy plastic that should stand up well to normal wear. The  long center piece pulls out to fit most standard phone sizes, and it’s spring loaded to ensure a snug grip on your phone.

The mount comes with illustrated instructions, but it’s all really very simple and intuitive to figure out. Simply screw the GripTight Mount onto your tripod, insert your phone, and you’re ready to make movie (or photo) magic.  Because the design of the mount grips on the sides, the touch screen on your device is easily accessed. You just swipe, tap, etc., as you normally would when taking photos. The mount grips firmly, and I didn’t experience even small amounts of wobble when using the touchscreen – and important factor in getting the best shots. When you’re finishing filming, your phone is as easy to remove as it was to install. Just pull up on the spring loaded mount, and it’s free. The mount itself folds down into a tiny piece that will fit easily into a camera bag, briefcase, or purse.


The GripTight Mount from Joby is a simple, inexpensive solution to a common problem. It’s tough to get those heartwarming holiday photos and videos just how you want them when using a smartphone – the angles are often awkward, and shaky hands make for blurring and wobbling. By attaching this handy mount to your existing tripod, you can give your holiday photos the quality they deserve, without breaking the bank.


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