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Fiends Favorites: Gifts For Your Quirky Friends


The holidays are upon us, and you know what that means – shopping. But fear not, my friends, for Games Fiends has the gift guides to well, guide you this holiday season. Whether you need something for the techie in your life, a rabid gamer, or your mini-me, we’ve got a gift guide to help you out, and we’ll be posting a variety of them over the next two weeks to make sure you have plenty of time to check every name off your list.

First up? Gifts for those names who enjoy something just a little bit off the wall. Whether they just plain have everything and want a surprise, or genuinely love a quirky gift, they can be particularly tough to buy for. After all, to be good a gift has to be more than just a laugh – it should be a quality product that they’ll actually enjoy long after the tree comes down. Check out some of our favorites below (conveniently linked for your gift buying pleasure):



Oh-em-gee, I am in love with these sweatpants. They are comfy; they are legitimately useful; and they are funny as hell to boot. That squirrel…..I love that squirrel! With a variety of designs from hashtags to mustaches to evil looking monkeys, you are sure to find something for that tough to buy for guy on your list. And hey, if you want to get a leedle more personal, they’ve even got boxers in many of the same designs. Who *wouldn’t* want to proudly display a mustache upon their crotchgear?


Ooga Booga


Perfect for fun loving families and drinking buddies alike, Ooga Booga is a fast paced game that ends up being just hilarious fun. Each player lays down a nonsensical card in an ever growing chain, and must repeat every sound that has come before with no mistakes. Since each card contains some sort of caveman speak, it ends up with a bunch of people screaming things that make no sense at all, which is always great fun. Play it with your eight year old or your drunk friend – either way, it’s bound to be a great time.


Unhung Hero


This one is for the quirky movie buff in your life, but it also doubles for hipster documentary lovers and comedy fans as well. Unhung Hero documents the journey of a standup comedian who’s Jumbotron proposal was rejected in front of a gratuitously large crowd. Why? It seems the bride to be felt Patrick Moote was a bit too scantily endowed. And so, Moote set off the travel the world in search of an answer to the age old question – does size really matter? As you’d expect from a comedian, Unhung Hero has its share of hilarious moments, but it also takes an interesting look at cultural norms, and a wide variety of experienced opinions from everyone from professors to porn stars.


Soda Drinker Pro


Looking for an interesting choice that can be delivered digitally? A game code is always a great choice for those long distance friends (have you seen the lines at the post office lately?). You can’t get much more quirky than Soda Drinker Pro. It is a game that defies description, but it is downright certain to get a laugh and a somewhat confused play through. It’s one of those games that you inexplicably enjoy, despite all odds. Besides, how many people can legit claim that they sent their BFF a soda drinking sim as a symbol of their undying affection?


The Supervillain Field Manual: How To Conquer (Super) Friends and Incinerate People


This is a great choice for that offbeat reader in your life, because while it is funny on a lot of different levels, it’s also a genuinely good read. It’s packed with all kinds of tips for world domination, as told by super villain extraordinaire King Oblivion. Since the whole book is written from the perspective of a successful super villains, readers get an entirely new outlook on the previously super hero dominated struggle between good and evil. Get it for your friends who are ravenous readers, your super hero fans, and that one guy who’s always chuckling evilly in the corner.







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