Posted November 8, 2013 by Amy in Features

FPS Freek Phantom Review


Talk about a sweet stocking stuffer!

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, KontrolFreeks are are controller add-ons that are designed to make you a better player. By adding height to the sticks on your controller, you get an increased range of motion (up to 40%) that is designed to increase your performance in game, while also providing comfort and style. They come in a wide variety of models that are perfectly suited to particular types of games – rounded tops for arcade, a bracket that holds your thumb in place for racing, and so forth.

Today, we are taking a look at the newest KontrolFreek model -  the FPS Freek Phantom. Let me just start by saying that if these things were judged on looks alone, they’d have won the beauty pageant hands down. Designed specifically with the newly released Call of Duty: Ghosts in mind, they match the mood and style of the game perfectly. These are some awesome looking attachments. They are pure white, with the spooky skull featured on the Call of Duty: Ghosts cover filling the center of them, encircled by a row of white stars all around the rim. While the raised design takes a little while to get used to, simply because most of us are used to a smooth feel, it soon makes up for that with added grip.


Each set is designed to fit both Xbox360 and PS3 controllers, so if yours is a multi-console family, you can easily switch the same pair back and forth. They are really very simple to install and remove. Each Freek has three prongs extending from the back, which grip the analog stick firmly when pushed into place. They are a snug fit, which ensures that you won’t have any issues with slipping while you play, but they pop off quickly at the end of a session, with no stress on your controller. It’s as simple as that – just a few seconds to install or remove, and no complicated steps to follow.

Although performance in game is the ultimate goal, KontrolFreeks are all about comfort. Every gamer’s goal is to be as accurate as possible, while being as comfortable as possible at the same time. The Phantoms have a soft touch feel, and the concave design combined with the etched features serves well to keep your fingers firmly where they belong – no slippage to worry about when using these. When installed, they raise your thumbs about a half an inch higher than the standard analog sticks provide, giving you a wider range of motion, with less movement required on your part.


This little change is instantly noticeable in game, giving you an instant boost in accuracy. Although reaching higher for your sticks might sound uncomfortable, it actually provides a really comfortable resting spot for your thumbs, which cuts down on discomfort during marathon gaming sessions. One caveat to this is gamers with smaller hands, who may find the adjustment takes a bit longer, as there is a bit of reach involved.

The FPS Freek Phantoms from KontrolFreek offers gamers a quick and painless way to up their First Person Shooter game. With an increased range of motion, decreased slippage, and a comfortable grip, all in an easy to install product, the Phantoms are a must have for FPS fans looking to improve their game.


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