Posted October 25, 2013 by Amy in Board Games

Spot It! Party (Family Fiends) Review



“Spot the match, Snatch the hand, Catch the fever!”

Blue Orange Games brings a colorful and fun new obsession to the family table with Spot It! Party. It’s fast paced and frantic fun as you try desperately to find a match before your opponents, and with the added variety of six different ways to play the game, it’s sure to become a new family favorite.

The basic idea behind Spot It! Party is finding matches, but it’s presented in a different way than the standard fare. The game comes with 55 round cards, each of which is covered with colorful objects. The cool part is that every single card in the pack has one, and only one, match with any other card. As the game begins, most of the variations start with a card in the center of the table, while each of the players has a stack of cards as well.

Everyone turns over their cards at the same time and searches quickly for the item on their card that matches with one on the center card. The cards are filled with objects, and only one matches, so it’s actually pretty challenging (especially when you’re rushing to beat the other players). The first person to spot the match calls it out. Depending on the variation, they’ll then either take the card from the center or place their card there. Either way, as soon as a new card is showing, the searching fun begins again.

When you first see the box for Spot It! Party, it’s near impossible to miss the giant plastic hand displayed front and center. This hand comes into play in a variety of ways, depending on which version of the game you play. A number of the cards in the game feature a yellow hand as one of the images. When one of these cards pops up, the player who spots it first gains control of the hand. Possession of the hand means different things in different games – in one version you get extra points, in another it serves as the hot potato that should be avoided at all costs.

However you decide to play it, Spot It! Party is an engaging game that takes a very simple concept and makes it challenging and fun. The game plays through pretty quickly, making it an easy choice for a quick game here and there, and the option to play six different ways means you won’t easily grow tired of it. It is rated ages ten and up, but my seven and nine year olds were able to keep up just fine, and enjoyed the colorful pictures on the cards that weren’t quite as appealing to the teenagers.


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