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The Godborn (Book) Review


Varra is going to die. As she stumbles through the forest, undead creatures give chase to her and her companions and she truly has nowhere to turn. As she falls to the ground, her thoughts turn to the tiny life within her…

Little did Varra know that that child, Vasen, would be the key to saving the world. As Vasen grows, entities all over the land, human and otherwise, search for the son of Erevis Cale. Changed somehow within the womb by a mysterious dark figure, Vasen is both of the darkness and of the light, a curious mix that will serve him well as his life suddenly takes a turn away from all he has ever known.

There is a great battle looming in Toril, and the fate of the very world depends on its outcome. Though Vasen has spent his entire life amongst the kind people of the sheltered Abbey of the Rose, the world outside the Abbey’s meadows is becoming increasingly unsettled. The pilgrims who flock to the light of the Abbey must pass treacherous lands filled with Shadovar troops to get there. As First Sword, Vasen is tasked with helping them return home safely, but little does he know how very much his life will change on the final pilgrimage.

As the people in the present fight for the fate of the world, entities from the past rear their heads in search of “the key”. Shar, a goddess held dormant in the midst of her glorious Cycle of Night, works through her agent to finish the cycle by devouring the world. The god Mask, long thought dead, lives on in his splintered divinity, scattered amongst three very different vessels who now live divine, but not all of them are content with only a sliver of divinity – and all seek the son of Cale, destined to end the Cycle of Night, one way or another.

The Godborn is a book that just sucks you in, right from page one. Whether you’re a Forgotten Realms fan from way back, or completely new to the series, you’ll soon be biting your nails as you turn each page. The characters are so very engaging and relatable – from the valiant and honorable Vasen, to the mysterious and powerful Orsin, to the sorrowful Gerak, the heroes of the story draw you into their plight, making you feel as if you are right there with them. The trio holding the slivers of divinity are just the right mix of mystery and power, making you second guess their intentions and actions at every turn.

This is a story with many threads, each of them woven masterfully into a book that will leave you wanting only more. Packed with thrilling battles, complex characters, and exhilarating plot twists, The Godborn is a book you won’t be able to put down.


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