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CarTank Hands-On Preview

cartank header
cartank header

CarTank comes to us from the small indie developer RichMakeGame… or to put it another way – from a guy called Rich Edwards from the North (Newcastle) of the UK.

You might be familiar with Rich’s past work as he produced the superbly fun Pineapple Smash Crew last year on PC.  Well he’s back with yet more mayhem with CarTank.

If I had to describe CarTank to someone it’s be a simple exercise – it’s an arena based car combat game.  That might seem a little dismissive though as the game has a strong vibe of early morning cartoons laced through its visuals.  Sort of like a battle arena Mask!

In CarTank you take the role of SheriffCop, the apparent cream of the crop of Law Police.   You’re hell bent on bringing Man-O-Saur and his criminal organisation M.A.C.E to justice using your trust CarTank.


(c) RichMakeGame

The game is super simple to pick up and play.  The WASD keys will move your half moon buggy/half tank looking vehicle around the screen.  Using the mouse you then control the direction of fire for your vehicles cannon.  Other buttons act as boost or jump and that’s pretty much it as far as controls go.

Keeping things simple is a great thing for this frantic shooter – which would no doubt be termed a dual-stick shooter on a console platform.  As mentioned the look is loud and colourful with bright and brilliant terrains complementing the cartoonish vehicles well.

The general combat arenas were well populated with not only other vehicles and on soot attackers but armoured turrets too.  Some of these are massive multi-limbed buildings that must be destroyed part by part to take down the whole.

Scattered around the levels are power-ups that will alter your currently selected weapon and offer power-ups etc.  Also, in the bottom left corner of the screen is a wee little fella that represents your driver.  You can watch the poor little guy get tossed about as you hurtle wildly around the arena.

And hurtle wildly you will as the game runs at a satisfyingly manic pace.  The gravity is a little “off” which makes the vehicle fly around all over the place as you jump off ramps and slide over mounds.  The frantic pace works well as quite often combat arena titles, especially vehicular ones, can get old fast.  CarTank seems to avoid this pitfall and I left after my 20 minute stint with the game with a smile on my face.

(c) RichMakeGame

(c) RichMakeGame

CarTank might not bring anything wildly new to the genre.  It might not blow your mind with superlative graphics and high concepts.  It WILL make you grin like an idiot whilst you hurtle around the place with fun gameplay and the makings of a very nice soundtrack.

No firm release date on CarTank yet but it certainly will be one worth keeping an eye on over the coming months.  FYI Rich… this game would work superbly well on a PS Vita.. just saying is all….

Check out gameplay footage here:



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