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Infinite Crisis Hands-On Preview

Infinite Crisis logo
Infinite Crisis logo

MOBAs are now one of the biggest genres of game being played online, but with very few games able to make it successfully thanks to the overwhelming success of DotA2 and League of Legends. However, taking a shot at the title is Warner’s entry, Infinite Crisis.

Developed by Turbine (best known for another title developed in association with Warner, Lord of the Rings Online), Infinite Crisis takes the DC multiverse and throws it together for a wealth of alternative version of recognisable characters. If you are used to the idea of there being only one Batman or Wonder Woman, seeing the steampunk-esque Gaslight Batman or Atomic Wonder Woman demolishing enemies with her chainsaw will undoubtedly be an eye-opener.

However, continuity does have to go out of the window in the process – while having a basic knowledge of the characters will largely help in assuming their role, for the sake of game balance you also need to allow Catwoman to stand a chance in a fight with Doomsday.

The game has been in closed beta for several months now, with new characters being added semi-regularly; but the game was also available to play on the show floor at Eurogamer.

The game set-up was a five vs five Domination game, held on a circular map representing Gotham. The five random people getting their session were matched against a (presumably equally random) team online – complete with matchmaking wait.
Infinite Crisis screen
The heroes and villain available (all unlocked for this demo, although normally with only a random selection available free for any length of time – but permanent access being purchasable) fulfil the roles of a MOBA – brawler, assassin, support, etc. Obviously this opens the doors for set teams working together in covering all essential roles, or else leading a random group to try and react and cover weaknesses with everyone’s selections.

(I mentioned to the demonstrating staff how a recent game I’d had playing as Poison Ivy in the closed beta had gone so badly that a teammate accused me of just trolling… As such, I was recommended a more straightforward brawler, jumping in as Batman and adequately filling my role in the group.

However, I resisted the urge to just growl out “I’m Batman!”, undoubtedly disappointing meme fans everywhere)

If you are familiar with MOBAs, Infinite Crisis will be immediately comfortable to you – earning cash to buy upgrade items, gaining XP to increase levels and add skill points, monitoring cooldowns and so on. Indeed, while there are obviously some balance issues to take care of – Atomic Wonder Woman especially bordering on over-powered right now – the game cannot be faulted as a representative of the overall MOBA genre.

Whether this familiarity will prove to be a strength or a weakness when going up against existing titles will have to be proven when the title gets a formal release. But with a list of immediately recognisable characters – or curious alternative versions of them – there games does have a huge advantage in drawing in fans.

Infinite Crisis is currently in closed beta; applying for entry can be done here.


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