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Resogun Hands-On Preview

Resogun Logo
Resogun Logo

Resogun was a bolt out of nowhere a month or two back thanks to a super strong showing at GamesCom.

The spiritual successor to Super Stardust HD, Housemarque’s new title Resogun takes the action from overhead and moves to a side-scrolling shooter instead.  Now the release of a downloable side-scrolling shooter is little to get excited about for many, but thanks to Housemarque’s incredible pedigree (Stardust/Dead Nation) it’s causing something of a storm amongst gamers.

Walking up on the demo running what strikes you first is a nagging feeling you’ve seen this game before.  That is soon overridden by the wow-factor of the sheer mayhem taking place on screen.  So much debris, so many enemies, so many lights and shinnies, oh so pretty to behold in motion.

Then it hits you.  Fudge me!  This is Defender tripping its nuts off!

resogun ps4 2

Yes friends Housemarque have done it again.  With Stardust way, way, WAY back on the Amiga Housemarque reinvented Asteroids in all but name.  Various iterations later and Super Stardust HD was much the same premise, just a lot shinier!  Resogun is this methodology used to great effect once more.  Taking Williams’ classic Defender title and slapping it with a PS4 branded disco-ball of funk!

Those familiar with Defender will be right at home with the circular horizontal movement of your craft.  You circle a large city or object in the middle of the play area and in some ways it feels similar to the movement in Super Stardust HD.  Craft control is super simple with all directional control on the left stick and forward and rear gun fire mapped to the right analogue stick.

This simple and intuitive control scheme is backed up by the shoulder buttons being mapped to bomb, boost, drop man and a special attack.  The boost can be used a few times but bombs are finite as are special attacks.  These can be replenished with pickups during battle though.

Likewise from time to time the little “men” being abducted by the attacking hordes will display “Power Up” over their heads.  Rescue them and take them to an escape vessel and you will indeed, power up.  Giving you access to better weapons on a slowly incrementing scale similar to those steps-ups in Super Stardust HD.

The game moves at an incredible pace.  As mentioned earlier there is a phenomenal amount of debris, crafts, bullets, fireballs, laser pulses, explosions and general brick like debris from the landscape that you’ll wonder how the system can cope – I guess this is how PS4 brings something new to the mix.  The sheer “grunt” that must be behind throwing that much around is truly impressive.  At first glance you’ll be impressed just how clean the game looks, how shiny and super well defined.  Then your face will fall slack when you see the game kick in to pyrotechnic-gear.


Resogun plays just as well as it looks with control tight and responsive throughout.  Difficulty is moderate, even on normal settings and the game will prove a reasonable challenge from what we could play here.

What glimpse I did get over the 30 minutes or so I spent playing Resogun tells me this should be something equally as special as Super Stardust HD.  A must have, friend battling, score bettering, mate-ridiculing game.

Coming exclusively to PS4 on launch day, Resogun will be free to all PSPlus subscribers on day one.  Whether you’re looking forward to the game or not, you can’t deny it looks fun and makes a very compelling argument for a Playstation Plus purchase.

If all goes as planned and the game is anything like the portion we played then I think we’re in for a real treat with Resogun.


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