Posted September 26, 2013 by Zeth in Eurogamer Expo

Rain Hands-On Preview


Rain is one of those titles that might well have slipped from your radar.   Heck, Rain is likely a game that was never even on your radar.  Lucky for us we managed to get more than a fair amount of hands-on time with the game.

Coming from Sony’s Japan Studio team Rain is set to join a long lineage of slightly out of the normal  titles from the studio that has brought us gems like Patapon, LocoRoco, Tokyo Jungle, Siren, Ape Escape and most recently the gorgeous Puppeteer.

Rain follows a unique and enchanting story about a young boy who, when lost out in a rain story, comes across ghostly silhouette of a young girl.  Following her leads to an unimaginable invisible world only visible in the rain.

The look of the game could best be described as wet and grimy.  The constant flow of water and the distressed look to the world all lends weight to an almost “lo-fi” look and feel.  Control is simple enough with you walking and running around the world with ease.  The weight and execution of the control scheme reminds me greatly of past Japan Studio produced titles like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.  rain-ps3-game-650x365

The gameplay could be described as a sort of platforming, adventure stealth title.  You see when you slip in to the alternate world it’s not just a nice girl that inhabits it.  Roaming the world are unknown creatures hell-bent on tracking down the little girl and gobbling you whole.

You move through the rain storms and are visible not only to you, the player, but to the creatures that patrol these streets.  You must sneak past or hide by darting on to shelter – once the rain is blocked out then you are invisible.

Play was not exactly rapid but it had a thoughtful and methodical progress to it that, once again, reminded me of how Ico was paced.  The world laced with in scene text narrating the story of the boys quest to find the girl.  It all feels very artsy and possibly a little hard work for your run of the mill gamer looking for a title to just unwind to.

Despite the sedate pace the game does appear to offer some more pace-filled moments.  For instance in the short demo we played you had to lure and then run away from two of the unknown creatures.  You then had to dart out of the way at the last moment to get them to slowly demolish a scaffolding platform that was in your way.  Not the most exhilarating I grant you, but a real change of pace that was a welcome pulse quickener.

Rain offers a very unique and compelling look and feel.  I can’t help but love the general premise of the title.  We’ll get a clearer idea if Japan Studios can carry this interesting premise through to completion when the game releases October 1st (US) / October 2nd (EU).


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