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Games Fiends Giveaway: Irritum

Irritum (PC) Review
Irritum (PC) Review

In which we walk you down the dark path of suicide and depression…and you like it.


Irritum is a really interesting concept, no matter how you look at it. It’s a puzzle game for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and while there may be literally hundreds of pc puzzlers out there, none of them are quite like this. With a focus on the difficult topics of depression and suicide, it turns your preconceptions about gaming on its head. You can check out the full review here, but we can do you one better than that. Thanks to the developer, Nick Padgett, we’re able to offer our readers a chance to win (and play) the game for themselves. Enter to win in any of these ways (and good luck!):

  • Show Irritum some love on our Facebook or Twitter pages.
  • Riddle me this in the comments below: If depression were a color, what would it be (bonus points for why?)


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