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Keeping an ear on Elite: Dangerous’s progress

Elite: Dangerous announced and seeking funding
Elite: Dangerous announced and seeking funding

Elite is rightly considered one of the great games of all time – a title that was far ahead of anything else in 1984 and one which is owed many debts by games even today. And as a fan of the series, after the successful Kickstarter campaign at the end of last year the forthcoming Elite: Dangerous is one of my most anticipated titles on the horizon.

This also means that the news today of British born, Swedish based composer Erasmus Talbot having been selected to provide the game’s soundtrack was interesting in several ways. Firstly, and most eye-catchingly, was the video released along with his winning music pitch (linked above) – while not claiming to be in-game footage (although in-game footage was available late last year, and it is not far-fetched to believe this new video is in-game too), it does give the impression that it is how the game hopes to feel – a universe where players can encounter situations and jump in to get involved… this is just my assumption, I will concede – though based on elements of the game promised. Plus, it also lets the super-fan in me start working to identify ships (those are Cobra MkIIIs fighting Imp Couriers, right?)…

Secondly, it also says there will be original music – hopefully in addition to rather than instead of the classical pieces of earlier games; docking to anything other than the Blue Danube will not feel right.

Finally, it is also reassurance of how much the project is moving along, even if the wait is becoming a real test of patience…

Elite: Dangerous is due for release in March 2014.


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