Posted September 12, 2013 by Peter in Announcements

League of Legends says “play nice, guys”

League of Legends logo
League of Legends logo

Online gaming – both the blessing and curse of modern titles. As great as it is stepping into worlds with hundreds or thousands of other players, there is also the fear of meeting those random individuals who can as best be described as “interesting”, if being flamed, blamed or trolled strikes your interest. But when you’re meant to be working as a team, who does that really benefit?

Riot Games, the company behind MOBA League of Legends, have released a video claiming some statistical analysis of how the five-man teams in the game succeed or fail, based on how well they work together – or how much they turn on each other. While obviously focused on League of Legends, the principles likely carry over to most online games throwing you into random PUGs. If a little number-crunching doesn’t put you off, it is worth a look.


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