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Heroes of Loot gives adventurers what they want…

Heroes of Loot logo
Heroes of Loot logo

You can tell who the heroes are in an RPG – they are the team carrying everything that isn’t screwed down back to the local shops to sell, checking the pockets of every dead orc that failed to flee from their path, and generally carrying more cash than a medium sized kingdom while simultaneously holding more weaponry than that same kingdom’s combined army. In short, heroes are looters and pilferers – and as such, Heroes of Loot by Orangepixel will be giving them exactly what they want on its release today.

Claiming to be a rogue-like mixed with “classical Gauntlet on steroids and brought into the now” (Gauntlet clearly being a strong inspiration, with the four classes matching Gauntlet’s player choices of Warrior, Valkyrie, Elf and Wizard), the game shows a comparable overhead view but faster gameplay – all in a randomised dungeon that is says “grows and changes as you progress as a player (made visible with the dungeon-difficulty meter displayed in the games interface)”.
Heroes of Loot screen
The graphics in turn are clearly retro-styled – which is to say, deliberately pixelated, although hopefully suitable for the varying screen sizes the game can be played on.

The game’s trailer (linked above) also suggests other features, such as quests and shops… but this naturally coming second place to the actual dungeoneering and looting.

Heroes of Loot has been released today for PC, Mac, iOS, iOS, Android, as well as the Ouya. The game’s website also mentions the Gamestick, and the press release says the game will be coming to the PS Vita and is compatible with the Nvidia Shield.


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