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Watch_Dogs Dedsec special edition contents revealed

watch_dogs image
watch_dogs image

We’ve been keeping an ironically watchful eye on Watch_Dogs, a game which caught a lot of people by surprise when first revealed and has managed to turn that into anticipation for its release later this year. And as befits a triple-A title, there will be special edition releases of the game, with the premium Dedsec contents revealed in a video today (linked above).

This edition will be for Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia/New Zealand. As well as the game, the box also contains:

  • A 23cm tall statue of game protagonist Aiden Pierce
  • A book, The Art of Watch_Dogs
  • A set of four augmented reality cards, implied to represent a selection of the game’s main characters (no extra information is present on what is needed to use the cards – though my first thought goes to the Watch_Dogs tie-in app)
  • Three badges
  • A Steelbook case for the game itself
  • A CD with the soundtrack of the game
  • A map of Chicago (presumably in game terms rather than for tourism!)
  • In-game content – presumably instantly unlocked DLC – for three single player missions and various game elements, including outfits, weapons and reward bonuses

Links to pre-order can be found via Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs page; the price of the various editions seems to vary, with the new 8th generation console releases costing more than the 7th. Shopping around may find varying prices, but expect to pay in between £85 and £115 for the game with these extra.

Watch_Dogs will be released for PC, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS3 on 22nd November; a PS4 version is due for release too, with the date TBC.


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