Posted August 30, 2013 by Ryan Larrabee in News

Soul Calibur 2 HD Online to Feature Spawn and Heihachi On All Platforms


Back when Soul Calibur 2 was released, each platform it was released on had an exclusive character. The PS2 got Heihachi from Tekken, Xbox got comic book anti-hero Spawn, and the GameCube got Link from the Zelda series. With the upcoming HD rerelease of the game, many people have been wondering what will become of the exclusive characters. Well, it turns out both Spawn and Heihachi will be playable on any platform.

Now, this isn’t particularly surprising, as Tekken games are no longer PlayStation exclusive, and Spawn doesn’t have anything to do with Microsoft or the Xbox in general, other than a love of faint green glows. Now, if you were to announce Link was making a return. That’d be a surprise. Unfortunately, the chances of that are about zero.

Source – Joystiq

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