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Shadow of the Beast reboot coming to PS4

shadow-of-the-beast PS4
shadow-of-the-beast PS4

Shadow of the Beast was a landmark title.  It had gorgeous parallax scrolling, great animation, an intriguing art style and stunning music courtesy of David Whittaker.

Over 20 years on Sony are teaming up with developer Heavy Spectrum to restart the once mighty Amiga franchise.  Starting life on the Amiga 500 the original soon gained much praise for it’s groundbreaking antics.  Published by the mighty Amiga behemoth Psygnosis (AKA recently defunct Sony Studio Liverpool) and developed by Reflections, who went on to make titles like the Driver series, the Destruction Derby series, Stuntman and recently after becoming Ubisoft Reflections having a hand in titles like Just Dance, Far Cry 3, Watchdogs and The Crew.

Not much is really given away from the trailer to be honest.  Still, in the mood of honesty, I also have to say the general look and tone of the trailer leaves me feeling none-too confident either.  There’s still plenty of time to go though as no release date has been given.  The game takes place once again on Karamoon, where you’ll be free to explore the eerie world around you as you look to overthrown the evil Maletoth.    You’ll be to  discover the souls of other players and summon them to fight at your side, or to lead the way to new locations which sounds a little like the online portion of Dark Souls to me.  There will also be some sort of hardcore endless battle mode where enemies get progressively stronger.

Shadow of the Beast is an exclusive downloadable PS4 title is currently on of the the only pieces of firm information we know.


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