Posted August 19, 2013 by Peter in Development

GoG seek to be more welcoming for indie developers

GoG logo
GoG logo

With the ever-rising cost of producing AAA titles, the ambiguous genre-cum-label of indie games has grown as a market for niche titles, hopes of innovation, or just plain gaming-on-a-budget. And in an effort to appeal more to the developers of indie games, gaming platform GoG has opened a sub-site for titles to be submitted for consideration to be sold via the site proper.

Until now, the site formerly known as Good Old Games has always positioned itself as being a platform to buy and download older, previously full-price commercial games. It is perhaps a sign of shifting markets – titles such as Minecraft and World Of Goo have been successes far beyond anyone’s expectations, albeit as rare ones found few and far between.

Indie games have of course been part of the platform for a while now – titles like FTL and Legend of Grimrock are available there – although they are very much in the minority, and few of those are exclusives. Rival services such as Steam and GamersGate also have indie subsections (often, it must be said, with broadly the same selection) – and the Desura platform focuses the majority of its attention onto indie titles.

However, GoG appear to be hoping that a combination of it’s name recognition, an upfront statement of a 70/30 proceeds share, and even advance fees to assist in completing work (presumably made with strict criteria) will all be factors in encouraging submissions.

In an ideal world, everyone should be a winner – a larger catalogue for GoG, more selection for buyers and more sales for developers. Whether this is how it works in practice is of course yet to be seen.

If you are an indie developer who decides to see what GoG has to offer, please – let us know how the process goes.


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