Posted August 18, 2013 by Amy in Family Fiends

RingStix Lite (Family Fiends) Review


With the end of summer approaching far too quickly, most of us want to cram as much outdoors time in as possible before the cold, dark days of winter. But how do you tease the kids away from those glorious glowing screens for a few hours in the sunshine? RingStix promises to do just that with an addicting new take on a simple yet classic game.

RingStix isn’t actually a competitive game (although if you’re keeping tracks of hit and misses, it certainly could be); rather, it’s a cooperative game that requires both skill and dexterity to carry off properly. Basically, it’s a twist on the game of catch. Each player has two curved sticks that are rather swordlike in appearance. The one ring (to rule them all) gets placed onto both sticks. To play, simply hold a stick in each hand, crossing them one over the other with the stick in your dominant hand being on top.

As you pull your hands apart, they will propel the ring forward with a surprising amount of force, and the other player must try to catch it – either with one stick or both – and send it sailing back to you. Angle the sticks up or to the sides to influence which way the ring flies, position the ring only halfway down the sticks for a softer throw, catch with both sticks for a furiously fast game – there are endless variations to try. It’s definitely one of those games that is easy to learn but difficult to fully master.


Rated as for ages 6-96, it’s a one or two player game that could certainly be expanded for many more if multiple sets were acquired. I played it with each of my three sons, ages 9 to 15, as well as my husband, and everyone agreed it was a blast to play, simple enough for even younger kids to catch onto rather quickly (although the ramifications of the swordlike shape of the sticks means it is one game to be closely monitored – kids love to swing swords).

My one complaint is that RingStix gives you very little direction beyond four pictures on the package telling you how to launch the ring. Although I applaud both the simplicity and potential for using your own creativity, I would love to see some suggestions for different types of games to play beyond the basic catch. There’s nothing that gets kids creative juices flowing quite like some hints at new possibilities.


RingStix Lite is a game that is great fun for kids and adults alike. It is both simple to pick up and difficult to master, making for loads of entertaining practice sessions as you all get your aim and timing just right. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be furiously flinging that ring back and forth like a pro – and having a blast while you do it. It’s a wonderful way to try something new, spend some quality time together, and get some fresh air at the same time.


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