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Sony Officially Unveils EverQuest Next


At today’s SOE Live event, Sony Online Entertainment finally pulled the covers off of EverQuest Next, and what we found underneath was not in the least what we expected.
EverQuest Next will not only be a sandbox MMO with player cities and the like, but it will have terraforming features akin to Minecraft. Want to carve out your own anthill-esque underground lair? Do it. Want to blow a friend’s city to hell? Do that too. While the landscape will respawn after a time, you’re free to do with it, or most of it anyway, as you please.
Now, say you want to be creative with the world, but not have to put up with all that questing. The good news is there will be a sort of test bed for the terraforming aspect called EverQuest Next -Land Mark, which will allow you to claim a plot of land and build whatever you’d like. There’s even a chance your project could be used in EQN proper, netting you some of the royalties.
Unfortunately, SOE wasn’t able to provide a release date for EQN, however they did promise Landmark would be out this winter. If you’d like, you can sign up for both betas here.

Source – Massively

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