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TimeSplitters Dev Kills Hope of TimeSplitters 4 on Next Gen Consoles


I hope you’ve got some melancholy bagpipe music cued up, because I’ve got some bad news. It seems that TimeSplitters, as a series developed by its creators, is functionally dead for the time being.

This tragic update comes from an interview with TechRadar and series developer Steve Ellis. When asked if the series could return on the Xbox One, PS4, or Wii U, Ellis replied with:

“I don’t think there’s any chance that’s going to happen [...] you always got to the point where the marketing person in the room would say ‘I don’t know how to sell this’ because they want a character that they can put on the front of the box.”

Personally, I feel like a PC-only nontraditional release would be perfect for a game like TimeSplitters. With so many characters, they could even get away with a free-to-play model and constant content updates, but it just seems like that’s just not an idea Crytek’s open to currently.

On the bright side, there is some good news, as fans have banded together to create their own TimeSplitters game. Entitled TimeSplitters Rewind, the team has not only gained Crytek’s blessing and support, but also netted a few of the developers from the original trilogy as well. Unfortunately, the independent nature of this project means development could last awhile, but the team plan does plan to have a playable demo by the end of the year.

Source – TechRadar

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