Posted July 16, 2013 by Ryan Larrabee in News

Rumor – Infestation: Survivor Stories Twitter Gets Hijacked, Leaks XBL Port


It’s been an interesting day for Hammerpoint Interactive, developers of Infestation: Survivor Stories, the game formerly known as The War Z. Apparently, an ex-employee took over their Twitter account and proceeded to not only leak the studio’s internal map creation tool, but also announce the game would be going free-to-play in October, as well as getting an Xbox Live Port in 2014.

Now it seems as if every single tweet in regards to the issue has been removed, but I was lucky enough to watch the whole mess unfold. The reveals themselves were pretty straightforward, and had that been the end of it I wouldn’t feel confident enough about these being true to report on them, however, it seems the developers temporarily regained control of the account at some point, confirming the Xbox Live port by refusing to comment on cross-platform play, but outright denying the F2P conversion. They also urged players not to download or stream the map maker.

Now it’s all gone, save for a forum post that refers to the incident but doesn’t clear up any of the details. Needless to say, regardless of my confidence, don’t get too excited about a free, XBL version of Infestion.

If you’d like some context, you can find aforementioned forum post here, and symonator.net managed to screenshot a couple of the tweets.

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