Posted July 15, 2013 by Peter in Trailer

Spud’s Quest video shows what is to come

Spud's Quest logo
Spud's Quest logo

We mentioned Spud’s Quest late last year, when it achieved its rather humble Kickstarter goal of £5,000. It promised to recreate platform adventure games of yesteryear, with it’s biggest comparison being the Dizzy series but including elements of Zelda and Metroid in the mix.

From the video that was released today it appears to do just that, showing some gameplay footage and old-school music, and perhaps adding an extra touch of Wonderboy in Monsterland to the mix there too… Spud is seen (in some admittedly very quick cuts, thus allowing some uncertainty) exploring a number of environments, learning skills, speaking to people and solving moving block and reflected light puzzles. He also appears able to fall more than a small distance without dying – not naming any eggs suffering that fate repeatedly in their own games…

Spud’s Quest is due for release “July/August 2013″ (more likely August)


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