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Killing Floor Gets Free Pier of Pain Update


Tripwire’s co-op monster slaying FPS Killing Floor is continuing its long of run of free updates and events with July 3rd’s Pier of Pain event.

Arguably the most exciting addition this time around is the addition of the game’s first ever new mode, which is entitled “Objective Mode”. If the name didn’t tip you off, this mode spices up the standard survival gameplay with more stuff to do, like item retrieval and NPC escort objectives. Initially there’s only one map that will support Objective Mode, but that’s where modding communities come in, right?

Of course what’s a new Killing Floor update without some DLC? On the weapons front, we’ll be seeing a family of community-created steampunk weapons, including a grenade launcher, musket rifle, and automatic shotgun. There’s also a  second set of gold-reskinned guns, for those who want a little more bling in their life. As far as characters, everyone’s favorite mask-wearing businessman Mr. Foster is getting gender bent, as he and his steampunk doppelganger are getting female variants. Mrs. Foster will be available as paid DLC, while Steampunk Mrs. Foster will be unlocked in game, likely through the event’s meta achievement.

Finally, if all of these words are foreign yet exciting to you, you will be getting a chance to try the game out, as it will be free to play for a week starting July 4th, and hey, if you like it, you can bet you’ll be able to score it on the cheap during a certain impending digital download sales extravaganza.

Source – PC Gamer

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