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Xbox President Departs Microsoft to Lead Zynga


Many hardcore gamers know Don Mattrick as President of Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft, thanks to his multiple E3 press conference appearances.  Now he’ll  be getting cozy with a whole new subset of gamers, as he’s taken the position of CEO at Zynga.
Mattrick will be succeeding company-founder Mark Pincus, who built up a fairly villainous reputation following the company’s alleged copies of other games, and after supposedly championing such a development strategy while decrying innovation.  Pincus also recently oversaw a major downsizing in Zyngas ranks, as well as the closure of the some of their less-successful games.

Ultimately, it seems the big question in everyone’s mind is if this has anything to do with Microsoft’s recent reversal of the always-online features they had just so recently hyped at E3.  Being head of that division of Microsoft, it’s obvious Mr. Mattrick had a large part in the decision, whether as a proponent or opposition.  Was he opposed to the final ruling, or did he just see an opening to reverse the fortune of an ailing company? We probably won’t eve know, but it should be interesting to see what he can do with a company like Zynga.

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