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Dead Island composer’s C64 tribute album yours for $1

Days and Dreams album cover
Days and Dreams album cover

As we look at the imminently due next-generation consoles, already fighting each other for our attention with the ability to show ever more impressive levels of detail and immersion, it’s easy to forget the really important thing – it is still the 30th anniversary since the Commodore 64 was released. One person who kept this important event in mind is Pawel Blaszczak, composer for games such as Dead Island, The Witcher and the Call of Juarez series, who late last year composed an album of chiptune tracks in tribute to the C64 and its distinctive SID chip. Titled Days and Dreams, it is available for the next fortnight for the rather wallet-saving amount of $1 [£0.60] (or more, if you have the desire to pay extra).

The power of the SID chip cannot be underestimated. While the technology is archaic by any standards, it still created some of the most distinctive game music of the 80s… and the music of the C64 games will probably live on past any desire to actually play those titles. There are still active communities compiling the original files to play now, or trying to update them through remixes, or even just resurrecting the technology in unexpected manners

In it’s press release, Blaszczak described the development of the album. “[The anniversary] got me thinking about all the wonderful music from that time, from all the games I loved playing back in the 80s. A few weeks later I was experimenting with some 8-bit sounds, and the album just seemed to evolve from there into a full 15 track monster.”

The album is currently available on Bandcamp for $1, although more can optionally be paid; this is apparently a special price for the next two weeks only. Of course, if you prefer iTunes the album is available there too.


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