Posted June 10, 2013 by Adam in E3

Battlefield 4 Angry Sea and Multiplayer Trailer Released

Battlefield 4 image
Battlefield 4 image

Ahoy there me hearties. Ho Ho Ho and a bullet in yer spleen! It’s the latest single player gameplay video from DICE’s shouty explodey Battlefield 4!

It has it’s detractors. But for me the Battlefield series has always been an amazingly solid FPS experience that completely outshines Call Of Duty. Whilst the strength of the series has always been on the multiplayer, DICE and EA appear to be going all out to showcase the extremely impressive single player campaign that’s coming in the fourth installment of the core franchise.

To me, the Battelfield 3 single player was enjoyable enough to warrant at least another playthrough, and so far the follow up looks set to knock the spots off of what we’ve seen so far.

DICE finally also gave viewers a decent demo of the multiplayer mode which has been compiled into the following highlights reel:

Battlefield 4 will be available on both PC, current and next-gen consoles on October 29th 2013.


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