Posted June 5, 2013 by Zeth in Competitions

Games Fiends Giveaway: Dead Island Riptide Survival Guide


That’s right! We’re giving away a the Brady Games guide for Dead Island Riptide!

Two, yes TWO, lucky readers will be the happy recipient of a shiny new game guide for Deep Silvers’ Dead Island Riptide from strategy and game guide gurus Brady Games.  Reviewed earlier in the month it came as little shock that the in depth guide from Brady Games guides was a very handy companion for your return to the zombie infested shore of Dead Island.  So what do I have to do to win said treasure trove of zombie goodness?   All Games Fiends needs to be happy is some snarky comments served with a side of sarcasm. So make us laugh (ironically or not – totally your call) by answering our question in any of these EPIC ways:

Give us your Zombie apocalypse secret and tips – where would you hide out?  Would you go on the offensive or defensive?  Would you take down a horde using nothing but a Wiimote and an attached Nun-chuck?

  • Give us your zombie apocalypse secret on Twitter (be sure to mention @GamesFiends so we can find you!!.
  • Our Facebook page needs your snarky answers on the subject.
  • Or tell us in the comments below.


Competition ends on Sunday 16th : Date changed due to E3 onslaught! 30th June 2013.  All entries are placed in our magic randomizer, swirled around and squeezed out by our lovely community manager Hanna.  OK, so it’s not magic but it IS a randomizer that Hanna uses….  Or it could be a dartboard, some Tequila and a blindfold I can never remember!   As ever the editors decision is final.  Please make sure you’re contactable as we will need an address to send the rather heavy guide too!


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