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Eidos Teases A New Deus Ex Game and Protagonist

Deus Ex The Fall image
Deus Ex The Fall image

“Are YOU ready for The Fall?” asks Eidos Montréal. “Yes we are if it’s another Deus Ex game” says all of us at Games Fiends.

UPDATE: Confirmation that Eidos Montreal intend to reveal further information about Deus Ex: The Fall on Wednesday 5th June, according to a vine posting made by the company.


The art style on show is identical to that used in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. As it’s clearly video content related, this could be a new game, possible DLC add on to Human Revolution or even a web series.

Eidos Montréal tweeted the question earlier today, and nothing more since. Although with E3 just around the corner, it’s almost a given that if they are about to wheel out another installment in the critically acclaimed series then this would be a good time to warm up the rumour mill.

What links this fairly innocuous question with the Deus Ex franchise is a series of domain names that Square Enix registered back in March, with deusexthefall.com (as well as the usual .net and other more local suffixes). However it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been led up the garden path when it comes to new Deus Ex content. A trademark registration for “Deus Ex: Human Defiance” turned out to be related to an upcoming film adaption of the series.

And then there was the awful April Fool’s joke where Eidos Montréal spent days teasing a potential new installment, Deus Ex: Human Defiance, which wound up being an old school 2D platformer (Ubisoft would prove how to do such things properly with Blood Dragon, which was also announced on April Fool’s day).

They then went to ask the question “Who is Ben Saxon?”, which is a slightly easier and less ambiguous question to answer. Ben Saxon is one of the two protagonists from the spin off novel, Deus Ex: Icarus Effect. The book takes place slightly before the events of Human Revolution and features Saxon as an ex-SAS serviceman who is now in the employ of the private security firm, Belltower Associates Incorporated. We’ve included an image lifted from the cover of the book courtesy of the Deus Ex Wikia site.

Deus Ex The Fall image

It would be an unusual step for tie-in novels to so heavily influence a standalone sequel, so whether this is potentially some filler DLC for Human Revolution, or another spin off graphic novel/novel, remains to be seen.

Feel more than free to fill up the comments section below with statements informing us that you never asked for this.



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