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Sega show behind-the-scenes of Castle of Illusion

Castle Of Illusion logo
Castle Of Illusion logo

After the initial leak, followed by confirmation, Sega have been slowly revealing information about the forthcoming update/reimagining/”retro-plus” version (delete as applicable) of the Megadrive classic, Castle of Illusion. Today they released a behind-the-scenes video, including footage of both the original game and interviews with the development team – and the director of the original game, Emiko Yamamoto.

Clearly seeking to emphasise the new game as staying true to its roots, the video spends slightly more of its time looking at the 1990 original, although with frequent looks at the same areas now portrayed with modern technology. And while the game is seeking to draw back fans of the original, there is mention of changes and tweaks, some relating to advances in technology and some in the game’s physics (Mickey’s momentum, for example).

As a fan of the original game, I will admit to waiting with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation… but am hoping the original soundtrack survives in a remastered format, with one of my personal favourite background tracks of the 16 bit era being in the game (a snippet being heard far too briefly in this video from 3:58 – 4:10).

Regardless of how favourably our 23 year old memories may or may not be treated, Castle of Illusion is due for release on Xbox Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC this summer.
Castle of Illusion screen


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