Posted May 24, 2013 by Zeth in News

Sir, You Are Being Hunted video shows new biome

sir you are being hunted header
sir you are being hunted header

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is shaping up to be a really interesting title.  Coming for indie studio Big Robot the game is steadily approaching it’s Alpha phase upon which lucky Kickstarter backers will get their hands on the early game framework.

In this video Bog Robot’s own Jim Rossignol walks us through their brand spanking new mountain biome.  He proceeds to run us through some of the features they’ve added to Sir, you are being hunted and gives a few insights in to the way the game is starting to progress.  Those lucky enough to be heading to Rezzed in a couple of weeks will be getting their hands on an early portion of the game to play about with.   For the rest of us we shall have to make do with this video… enjoy!



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