Posted May 24, 2013 by Zeth in News

Rumour: Xbox One to feature remote play via Skype


Xbox One details are still slowly leaking out from the offices at Redmond.  This time Polygon have a source who claims that remote play via Microsofts’ very own Skype application is actively being tested.

This would allow someone to take remote control of your play session via the video cal you where already in.  This sounds very similar to functionality to the screen sharing functionality that is already present in other versions of Skype.  It’s currently unclear as to whether the person callign in will need to own a copy of the game to connect to yours OR, as seems logical, this is just a remote desktop session to your console (it does have Windows on it after all!).

If true it’ll be a neat implementation and another point of parity between the PS4 and the Xbox One console.

Xbox One will be released worldwide later this year and we should have much more information from E3 in a few weeks time.


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