Posted May 21, 2013 by Amy in 30 Days of Giveaway

**UPDATED** Games Fiends Giveaway: Tomb Raider


Congratulations Matenshi! You are the winner of a free copy of Tomb Raider on Steam. Thanks for playing, everybody!


That’s right! We’re giving away Tomb Raider – an epic game of epic proportions! It’s epic!

One lucky reader will be the happy recipient of a Steam code to unlock Tomb Raider on their oh-so-unworthy pc. All you’ve got to do is give us the good stuff – tell us how does Lara manage to raid all those tomb in her skimpy little outfits? Duct tape? Is it all painted on? Are  the laws of gravity suspended in Lara Land? That’s right – you can keep your blood, sweat, and tears. All Games Fiends needs to be happy is some snarky comments served with a side of sarcasm. So make us laugh (ironically or not – totally your call) by answering our question in any of these EPIC ways:


  • Give us Lara’s secret on Twitter (be sure to mention @GamesFiends so we can find you).
  • Our Facebook page needs your snarky answers.
  • Tell us how she does it in the comments below. (I have *got* to know!)




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