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Embrace the Hype: Predictions For The Xbox Reveal Event


Whether you’ve got the event marked on no less than six different calendars and a killer party planned, or you’ve been acting all hipster cool like you don’t even care, the reveal of the next generation Xbox is big news for gamers. With the event beginning in just a few hours, we just can’t hold in all the excitement – so we’re going to share it with you (lucky!). Without further ado, the Games Fiends staff predictions for the next Xbox.

Peter:  Three guesses as to what happens with the announcement this evening:

  •  No hardware is shown, saving the reveal for E3.
  •  The unit is promoted more as a set-top box, with gaming being a prominent use instead of the core function.
  •  Microsoft’s shares remain stable, compared to Sony’s share dip after the PS4 announcement.

I expect all three of these will be wrong…
Zeth:  My guesses are…

  •  Xbox Infinity as the name… I can just see the logo glowing on the front of the box now…
  • The console will be shown – it’s one area they can trump Sony on with minimal effort. It’ll also be black.
  • A new controller will be shown which will be a lightly tweaked 360 controller with a share button.
  • Kinect 2 will be mentioned as part of the bundle but not detailed.
  • We will only see a handful of software titles at best, probably in a sizzle reel.
  • Phil Harrison will come out stage with a rubber duck strapped to his junk and scream “yeah take this Sony” whilst flicking the V…

Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox reveal-580-75


  • Hardware revealed
  • Xbox Infinity will either replace Xbox Live or be a new tier of Live to include things like music and TV services.
  • Respawn will unveil whatever their game is at the event.
  • New Kinect gets mentioned as part of the bundle but nothing more.
  • As yet unknown Xbox exclusive announced.

That’s all I’ve got.  Not great, but hey.


  • Hardware is revealed.
  • Controller is revealed.
  • Kinect 2 is revealed and will be bundled with each system.  (My guess is that it will be smaller, boxier).
  • Always-on rumor is clarified – and it’s not requirement for games but has a low-power mode with the rumored cable box/DVR-like integration.
  • I’m going to assume that Xbox 360 games will not be compatible, but I’m really hoping that you’ll be able to carry forward the games (via emulation?) that you purchased through the marketplace.
  • They’ll do away with Microsoft Points (was that rumor already confirmed?)They’ll drop the Gold subscription for a PlayStation Plus style subscription.


Peter:  Point #5 here will probably be a deal maker-or-breaker for me – we’ve got several years of gaming legacy on the 360 that I don’t just want to walk away from. Too many unfinished achievements, too many arcade games downloaded and so on…

Dan:  I’ve never laughed so hard or nodded so much. Anyone care to play the IGN drinking game?
Also, where/when can I view this? (Good question, Dan. You can view it here.)

Amy:  My prediction?  It will be expensive!  :D

No doubt about it – whether it comes complete with loads of launch titles and the elusive Kinect 2, or it’s a stripped down, always on version of the console we’ve always wanted – no doubt about it, the new Xbox is going to cost a pretty penny. And no doubt about it – we’re all going to want to buy it. So what are your predictions? Share the hype in the comments below. To make it interesting, we’ll be giving away a Microsoft themed prize to one lucky winner, to be chosen from any entrants who get at least one prediction correct. Good luck!


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