Posted May 15, 2013 by Peter in News

Rift to join the free-to-play club next month

Rift logo
Rift logo

Rift, the well-received MMORPG released two years ago by Trion Worlds, has until now been running via a traditional subscription model. This is to change next month however, as Trion Worlds have announced that as of June 12th the game will become free-to-play.

Whether you see the free-to-play model as a glacier slowly advancing to overwhelm the subscription market, or as an avalanche burying it quickly, the move to free gaming does seem to be inexorable. As is now standard, the game will have a hybrid model – players can continue to subscribe to the game for various privileges, while free players will have limits in place, and both groups of players will have access to a cash shop (in this case, the current shop expanded to sell a wider selection of items).
Rift screenshot
In Rift, grinding monsters for quests is complemented with randomly opening rifts depositing invading creatures into areas, encouraging players to work together – even informally when soloing, being rewarded simply for contributing to the effort. This extra element obviously appealed, with the game winning several awards in 2011 and Reuters reporting it as earning $100mil in the first 10 months of release.

However, there has obviously been a drive to get new players into the game – the game has already introduced a “lite” version back in 2012, which has some restrictions but otherwise is a free-to-play entry to the game, allowing players to reach level 20. Or, if you prefer, to get a head start before the official change in payment model next month.


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