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Sins of Treachery – The Descent ARG


Today marks the release of the final installment of The Descent ARG. Who will solve the riddles first to win the prizes? Only time will tell.

Sins of Treachery is the final installment in The Descent ARG, an alternate reality game featuring both on and offline components, each hiding clues that must be correctly interpreted to solve the puzzle. The first entrant to submit the correct answers will win $5000 and a Kobo e-reader signed by author Dan Brown (The Descent is part of a publicity campaign for Brown’s upcoming book, Inferno). Sins of Treachery is the third and final e-book to be released. Like the others, Sins of Temptation and Sins of Violence, it is written by London author J.F. Penn, who manages to pack a whole lot of story into just a few pages.

Sins of Treachery follows the story of two identical twin brothers who were raised by a grandfather consumed with deciphering the entries in an ancient book filled with tales of treasure. Simon, the first twin, is studious and loyal, and has spent many years both caring for his grandfather and aiding him in his research at their dilapidated home. Gest is the favored twin. Although he was often cruel and took off to see the world long ago, he was given first consideration and use of the family funds for his playboy ways. When their grandfather dies, Gest returns home to examine his inheritance, but ill will festers between the two.

Gest is bequeathed a series of maps that their grandfather has deciphered throughout the years, and tasked with seeking out the hidden caves they lead to. Simon is possessed of his grandfather’s ancient book, which mysteriously seems to pull him towards also completing the quest. As both set off on a dangerous and expensive trip, Simon’s resentment grows, Gest’s lust for riches grows, and the odd book grows strangely warmer. When they finally reach the unbelievable caves their grandfather spent his life seeking, treachery is a near certainty – but who will be betrayer, and who will be betrayed?

Regardless of your interest in The Descent ARG as a whole, Sins of Treachery is a fabulous short story that is well worth downloading – and it’s free. At just twenty four pages, it is an easy read that truly grips you from the very first pages. It is hard to believe that so much can be said in such a small volume, but it is a complete story all on its own. You can download Sins of Treachery, as well as the preceding e-books, Sins of Temptation and Sins of Violence, here. And if you haven’t yet done so, check out the ARG and give solving the clues a try. Even if you aren’t ultimately the winner, it’s a lot of fun and it’s free. Good luck!


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