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Sins of Violence – The Descent ARG


“Sometimes you have to pick the gun up to put the gun down.”     Malcolm X

Today, we discuss the second installment in Kobo’s The Descent ARG (you can find our thoughts on the first installment here). Entitled Sins of Violence, it is a free e-book written by J.F. Penn. Although it is short (finishing at a very brief twenty-three pages), Sins of Violence somehow manages to be complete, rich tale that paints a very bleak picture of our future.

It is, at first anyway, a familiar tale of future apocalypse; the world as we know it is suddenly shattered by an airborne virus of unknown origin – but this is no tale of zombies or other popular undead figures. Instead, this virus incites brutal and unchecked violence, turning even the likes of schoolchildren and gentle mothers into violent and remorseless killers. Such chaos naturally leads to worse and worse things, and soon all that we know has been replaced by a world where very few are able to rise above the simple needs of survival.

Ari is a fighter, long escaped from the terrible city she grew up in and hoped never to see again. But when she finds out that a loved one is soon to meet a terrible fate, she realizes that she has no choice but to return to a place that nightmares are made of, regardless of the dangers. With only a faithful friend and her convictions at her side, the odds are not in her favor. Author Penn has done a marvelous job of dropping you straight into Ari’s plight, and you feel for her right from the start. Whether you choose to participate in the contest or not, it is genuinely a good read.

Sins of Violence is the second installment in The Descent, an ARG (alternate reality game) that is part of a contest being held by Kobo, maker of Kobo e-readers. Using three free e-books as a jumping point for the game, readers are asked to look below the surface in the books to crack the code and solve the mystery of the ARG. The Descent is being used to promote the upcoming release of Dan Brown’s new novel Inferno, which was inspired by Dante’s Inferno. The first place winner of the contest will take home five thousand dollars and a Kobo Glo that has been autographed by Dan Brown – but anyone who loves a good read and an engaging mystery should enjoy taking part in the game, simply for the challenge.


You can download Sins of Violence (and the preceding e-book, Sins of Temptation) here. Look for our thoughts on the third and final installment in the coming days.


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