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Sins of Temptation – The Descent ARG


“…and lead us not into temptation…”

Kobo, maker of Kobo e-readers, has launched a contest focused around an ARG (alternate reality game) called The Descent. Using three e-books as a jumping point for the game, readers need to look below the surface in the books to crack the code and solve the mystery of the ARG. The first place winner will take home five thousand dollars and a Kobo Glo that has been autographed by Dan Brown – but anyone who loves a good read and an engaging mystery should enjoy taking part in the game, simply for the challenge. The Descent is being used to promote the upcoming release of Dan Brown’s new novel Inferno, which was inspired by Dante’s Inferno.

The first installment in The Descent is Sins of Temptation. As with the other e-books, it is written by London author J.F. Penn. It is a short story that packs a heck of a punch, with vivid writing that sucks you right into the story from the very first page. As the books begins, you step into the shoes of a detective investigating a grisly death. A wealthy author has been found dead in his bed, under very strange circumstances. As you continue your investigation, a cryptic journal entry and a strange compulsion lead you towards an uncertain fate.

In just fifteen pages, Penn manages to perfectly portray the sin of temptation, the longing for an easy fix, and the very human trait of justifying doing that which we know is wrong. Although you know very little about the character, you feel as they do…yet shudder at the path they are taking. Sins of Temptation is a great read, especially for a free e-book, and it’s well worth the time to download even for those who don’t wish to play the game.

If you do wish to play the ARG, you must read between each and every line, studying illustrations closely and all around being suspicious of every word. There is a so much more to The Descent than the e-books, and to figure it out you’ll need to dig for clues and solve the puzzles – all on your own. While Sins of Temptation begins the tale, it cannot be finished without all that is hidden in the second and third installments. Look for our thoughts on the next installment, Sins of Violence, tomorrow.


You can download Sins of Temptation here, and even readers who do not own a Kobo e-reader can participate in the contest by downloading the Kobo app on the PC, Mac, iOs, or android device.


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