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Shadow of the Eternals fundraising begun

Shadow of the Eternals logo
Shadow of the Eternals logo

Nintendo consoles and mature games are not two concepts immediately associated with each other, and this was probably even more true in 2002 when Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem was released for the Gamecube. At the time it didn’t sell well, but a decade later it is looked back upon with respect – and perhaps a few shivers of fear. It is in this mood that Precursor Games – made up of several members of the team of who created the original game with Silicon Knights – hope to find us, having just launched a crowd funding project for “spiritual successor” Shadow of the Eternals.

Plotwise, the roots of Eternal Darkness can be felt – covering 2,500 years of human history, following several – probably ill-fated – characters through 12 episodes, with a contemporary story linking the pieces. This time you play as Detective Paul Becker, investigating a murder scene and interrogating the two survivors – neither of whom can apparently remember what happened, but with the plot revealed by stories of historical events.

Interestingly, the episodes are planned as just that, releasing the game’s content in 12 sections rather than a final complete piece with 12 levels. The teaser trailer suggests a horror title true to the original, seeking to use the atmosphere to unsettle players as much as attempting to shock them.

Once again, sanity is promised to be a factor along with health and magic, hopefully opening the door to a whole new selection of fourth wall tests – anyone who played the original came away with stories of the TV apparently muting itself, or the savegame claiming to be corrupted, or a warning that the joypad had become unplugged, or indeed one of dozens if not hundreds of other possible outcomes as the character in-game becomes more detached from sanity.

Precursor are seeking a cool $1.5mil to fund the game – and writing this barely an hour after launch am seeing a quick response from contributors. While not using Kickstarter, the same funding model is there – donation accepted with rewards at various tiers, including some or all of the episodes. Assuming funding is successful, the game is promised for release on both the Wii U and PC in the third quarter of 2014. Assuming memories of Eternal Darkness are not enough, they have also released a teaser trailer apparently showing early gameplay (linked above), and a campaign video speaking to member of the team (linked here).


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