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The Bridge and Georgia Justice (Book) Review


It is the one fact that every parent knows is inescapable: your life can change in an instant, with one middle of the night phone call.

A Cry For Justice, an upcoming film based on the true story of Jason Veitch’s arrest and trial for felony murder is set to release in theaters this year. The film is derived from author Jackie Carpenter’s two books, The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91, and Georgia Justice: Journey to Faith. In both of the books, Carpenter examines the case from her unenviable vantage point as Jason’s mother, each with their own slant. We’ll examine each of the books in turn, but first let’s give a brief overview of Jason Veitch’s story.

A builder, Jason had been plagued by frequent copper thefts at his work sites. After the third robbery in a single week (causing significant financial difficulty), Jason is at wits end. He consults a sheriff’s deputy, who informs him that it is best if he polices his work sites himself. If any thieves show up, he is to call the police (who will be patrolling nearby), and perform a citizen’s arrest. It all sounds so simple, but unfortunately, things often don’t work out as planned. An unfortunate accident leaves a man dead and Jason in jail, and with a prosecutor who is determined to prosecute for felony murder, Jason will need every bit of faith and family he’s got to survive the ordeal that follows.

The first book, The Bridge, gives a very detailed accounting of Jason Veitch’s arrest, arraignment and trial, all from a mother’s point of view. Each event is told about in detail, with the reader learning what happened the night Jason was arrested, the uncertainty as he awaited release on bond, and the long road towards his trial date – nearly ten months after his arrest. There are newspaper clippings and photos included in the book, and it really gives you an idea of what this family went through. Jackie Carpenter emotionally and honestly, and the book that results will really tear at your heartstrings. The family is very religious, and the author uses frequent Bible quotes to show how faith and prayer helped her to get through the most difficult time in her life.

Georgia Justice is billed as a sequel to The Bridge, but it really seems to be more of a re-telling, in a different tone. While both books include frequent references to the Bible, the focus of The Bridge is more solidly on Jason’s tale, while Georgia Justice is much more about Jackie Carpenter and her struggles with her faith as her family’s lives hung in the balance in the courtroom. Georgia Justice follows the same timeline as The Bridge, beginning with Jason Veitch’s arrest and ending with the jury’s verdict. However, Georgia Justice doesn’t go into a lot of details having to do with the arrest and trial. What is does cover extensively is Jackie’s inner struggle, the testing of her faith, and the many verses that helped her get through it all.

If you’ve already read The Bridge, Georgia Justice can feel a bit repetitive – especially if your interest is more about the criminal case. For those readers craving an inside look at how one family coped with a completely unexpected arrest and trial, The Bridge is a short read with a lot of heart. However, readers looking for a study of faith, and a story of surviving through prayer, will enjoy Georgia Justice, and Jackie Carpenter’s honest look at how strong she really is in her beliefs.



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