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Zombie wedding invites biting Suarez

Zombie Wedding logo
Zombie Wedding logo

There have been very few surveys done of what zombies actually like; there are no recognised trade bodies representing the decaying undead, and in all likelihood answers would be hard to understand. But assumptions can be made, and it is likely that even higher on any list than “avoiding headshots” would be “bite through the flesh of the living”. And with this in mind, it is perhaps fitting that for tomorrow’s Dead Island: Riptide zombie wedding a special invitation has been sent to another biter-of-living-flesh – Luis Suarez.

Suarez, a player for Liverpool FC, is currently facing punishment for biting Chelsea player Branislav Ivanovic on the pitch yesterday. While it is unlikely that “zombie in training” Suarez (to quote the press release) will attend, the incident, as well as the winners of the contest for the zombie wedding being from Liverpool, clearly made the opportunity to invite him too good to pass up. (And I will admit, linking the two events like this did also give me a guilty laugh)

As for the wedding itself, it is promised as being an actual, legal wedding for the winners of a contest, just populated with the living dead to see the couple marry as zombies for the rest of their un-life. I must admit to be uncertain about this – somehow, using a part of someone’s actual life as promotion for a product leaves me considering a lot of moral questions – much as it did for the promotion for people to rename themselves “Turok” with the release of the game of the same name on Xbox in 2002 (which is the nearest comparison I can think of).

Nevertheless, my doubts aside I’m still hoping the couple in question will get happily wed tomorrow. They also get to enjoy a Caribbean honeymoon at Deep Silver’s expense – and so will probably miss the game’s release later this week.

EDIT: Fixed a silly mistake regarding the game’s release date.


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