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Nintendo Direct reveals numerous new titles


Nintendo have been busy, today announcing numerous 3DS sequels or updates of several big titles via Nintendo Direct, as well as a handful of Wii U news – a balance that seems to reflect the Wii U’s struggle to gain acceptance, versus the 3DS’s successes.

As a big Zelda fan, the reveal of the new 3DS title in the series was perhaps the biggest news for me personally. The title is a sequel to A Link To The Past, the indisputable classic released for the SNES in 1991, and set in the same world. Screenshots do seem to support that, both in general feel and with one showing a boss from the original title. Link also has the new ability to transform into a graffiti-like drawing on walls, edging into new areas. The game is due for release in the “holiday season 2013″.
The Legends of Zelda 3DS
If that wasn’t enough, the 2001 Gameboy Color titles Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons are going to be released for the 3DS on May 30th. These will presumably keep the ability to link the two games, with a final section of the game available to players who worked through both titles first.

A short piece of video showing a new Yoshi’s Island game was shown. Details are scarce, although Yoshi continues to eat his way through enemies and produce useful eggs. New features using the 3DS are promised, but not elaborated on; similarly, there is no imminent release date beyond “in the future”.
Yoshi's Island 3DS
A new Mario Party game was also announced for the 3DS; the multiplayer board game approach has been maintained, although new boards and mini-games are naturally included to keep things fresh. The title is expected for release at some time next winter.

Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move claims to have a different feel to the other Mario vs Donkey Kong games. Paths are created on the lower screen for characters to safely advance and avoid traps in, the layouts strongly reminiscent of Pipe Mania (aka Pipe Dream), the 1989 game requiring gridded routes to be completed ahead of an oncoming flood. There are also several mini games, and level creation modes. The 3DS game is due for release via download on May 9th.
Mario and Donkey Kong 3DS
Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins is coming soon to the 3DS. Keeping the Lego series’ sense of humour, the game acts as a prequel to Lego City Undercover, having hero Chase work from a mundane start up to more exciting undercover work. The game is due for release on April 21st.

Expect a new software update for the Wii U next week; this will add several new convenience features (such as being able to download updates in the background while playing), but perhaps more significantly the following day will also add the Virtual Console to the new system. An extra comment was also made that Gameboy Advance and N64 games may soon be coming to the Virtual Console.

Also coming to the Wii U is Game & Wario, a Warioware-esque collection of mini-games using the system – and especially making using of the Wii U’s controller. With the separate displays on the TV and controller, different information can be shown on each to allow other players to give advice (or perhaps not) even in a solo mini-game. Game & Wario is due for release on June 23rd.

Updated information was also given about several titles announced back in February:

    • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros (3DS) (showing gameplay of Mario exploring Luigi’s surreal dreams)
      Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS) (release due “summer 2013″)
      Super Luigi U (Wii U) (which uses the game world map at Super Mario Bros U, but adjusts the levels for Luigi being the main character instead; release due “summer 2013″)
      Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (a 3DS remake of the Wii title, with adjustments made for the differences of playing on handheld system – although the original game mode is available to play too; release due May 24th)
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D


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