Posted March 27, 2013 by Adam in News

Rockstar Releases New GTA V Screenshots


Rockstar break the almost unbearable silence to reveal a batch of new GTA V screenshots.

By now we should have been frantically bombing our way through Bioshock Infinite and priming ourselves for the May release of GTA V. However Rockstar, ever the tease, decided that the game wasn’t quite up to scratch and pushed it back until September of this year.

Anyone who has been following the Rockstar Newswire will know that the ever patient moderator has been keeping the hounds at bay ever since. Fanatical fans and borderline lunatics all berating the firm for either not caring, their incompetence, or being involved in some sort of conspiracy with Sony, Microsoft and the next generation of consoles.

However today they broke radio silence with a whole slew of new screenshots, interestingly grabbed from this generation of consoles (although they wouldn’t specify PS3 or 360… or both).

Anyway, have a gander at the gallery below and think ahead to this September where you’ll get to scuba dive, skydive, outrun a police helicopter, watch a storm, lean moodily on the bonnet of a car or just f*** everyone up with a minigun.

Roll on September.


Source: Rockstar Newswire




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