Posted March 21, 2013 by Adam in News

Battlefield 4 Teases Tanks and Ships

Battlefield 4 image
Battlefield 4 image

With the DLC for Battlefield 3 only recently laid to rest, DICE are gearing up for their reveal of Battlefield 4 on the 27th March.

The two teaser videos released so far show tanks (check) and, more interestingly, the propeller of a ship/submarine. The latter suggesting that boats may be of a greater focus this time around. In previous Battlefield titles they’ve often played more of a troop transportation role, so it’ll be interesting to see whether they’ll be the subject of greater focus this time around.

More is set to be revealed on the 27th March on www.battlefield.com. From the art style of the trailers, it doesn’t look as though this is going to be a significant step up from Battlefield 3, the background of the trailers looking identical to the artwork from the previous game.

New maps, new games modes and a new single player campaign should be all par the course. Although whether the improvements and additions to the multi-player parts of the game will give current fans enough justification to dump BF3 and the DLC content in favour of another update will remain to be seen. However as a huge fan of the single player campaing in BF3, this is already worth a consideration.

Battlefield 4 is most likely due to release this year on all major platforms.


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