Posted March 19, 2013 by Adam in News

Metro: Last Light Salvation Trailer

Metro: Last Light image
Metro: Last Light image

Metro: Last Light survived the nuclear devastation of THQ’s bankruptcy to give us this chirpy little trailer.

Interrogations, corpses being burnt, men shot at close range, executions, Nazi symbolism. The post-apocalyptic world inside Russia’s metro and sewer system was never going to be a fun place to live in. The title will be an interesting follow up to the ambitious but hugely flawed Metro: 2033. Whilst Last Light’s predecessor delivered a brilliant atmosphere and novel survival gameplay features, overall the shooting mechanics were too awful and the game too bug ridden to be truly enjoyable.

Metro: Last Light was picked up by Deep Silver for publication following the sale of THQ’s assets, and is developed by Metro: 2033 developers 4A Games.

The title will be released on May 14th for North America, and the 17th May in Europe.


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